伊曼纽尔校园护士(ps -5)

玫瑰校园护士(6 -12)


7:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.: Early Care
8:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.: Half-Day
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.: Full-Day
3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.: After Care

7:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.: Early Care
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.: After Care


6TH - 12TH 
8:20 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.




Ace - LCA老鹰吉祥物的名字.

ACSI - esball世博是由国际基督教学校协会认证, 基督教幼儿园的组织, elementary, secondary, 以及大专学校.

年度基金- 年度基金是一项捐赠运动, which covers the “Gap” and provides financial support for additional school initiatives. The “Gap” is the difference between tuition dollars received by the school and the actual costs of operating the institution. Your gift to LCA is an investment in the school's students, faculty and programming. Every gift, regardless of size, is important, and every person who gives is essential.

辅助(辅助)和主体育馆- 全尺寸的体育馆位于ESBALL的玫瑰校园. 

学士学位, A special ceremony held the Sunday before graduation to celebrate the senior class.

Board - 董事会是学校的决策领导机构, 肩负着促进学校使命的使命.  

业务合作伙伴, LCA’s business partnership program provides businesses with opportunities to financially support the school and connect with our families. The program includes providing access to premium signage around our campus as well as digital marketing and event sponsorships.

Cognia - esball世博是由Cognia认证的. 

召开, 每年8月,老年父母会举行特别的祈祷活动, 教师和工作人员为高年级的学生祈祷. 

庆祝老师 & Staff -  This program is an intentional appeal to fund and provide our teachers and support staff with a Christmas bonus.  

DanceBlue - 一个由ESBALL高中学生领导的筹款活动. Funds are raised throughout the school year at different events and then culminates in a no sleeping dancing mini-marathon. 最终募得的金额将在当晚公布. 

鹰牌/帐户- Funds must be added to the student's Eagle Card/Account for purchases at the WINGS Store and Grab n' Go at lunch (Grades 6-12). 资金通过FACTS Family添加.

Eagle Gala - 晚会是庆祝学校年度基金活动结束的高潮活动.

E-TIP - The Eagle Tuition Incentive Program (E-TIP) is a tuition credit initiative designed to lower the cost of attending LCA. With E-TIP, 你的家人经常用美国主要零售商的礼券购物.g., Meijer, Target, Speedway, OfficeMax, Wal-Mart) as well as some of our local vendors. 每笔消费, your family earns discounts that can be converted to tuition credit for your children.

扩展的护理: LCA为学龄前至五年级的学生提供扩展的照顾, which is designed to provide students with a safe and enriching atmosphere when they are not attending class.  护理前是7:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.M,护理后是3点25分.m. - 6:00 p.m. Activities include enrichment, homework help, outside play, and an afternoon snack. 

事实的家庭, 一个全国性的学费支付计划提供者. 所有支付给LCA的款项必须通过FACTS学费管理.

IBC Campus - 以马内利浸信会教堂, 位于泰茨溪路3100号, 列克星敦肯塔基州40502, ESBALL的幼儿园-五年级.

初级/高级舞会- LCA每年春季为大三和大四学生举办的正式社交活动.

〇祈祷的父母 一群每周聚会为学校祈祷的家长.

〇家长教师奖学金 A parent-led organization offering all LCA parents and teachers opportunities to connect with the school and build relationships through service and involvement.

玫瑰的校园, 位于西雷诺士路450号, 列克星敦肯塔基州40503, 这个校园有ESBALL的6 -12年级和体育设施. It is named after Jim and Judy Rose, who are grandparents to seven LCA alums. When their grandchildren were young, Jim became involved with our school. 他与学校领导密切合作,帮助改革R.J. 雷诺兹烟草公司生产的烟草制品,这是ESBALL的LCA雷诺兹路(玫瑰)校园现在的位置. He was instrumental in helping connect our school with contractors in the region to oversee various tasks related to the project. ESBALL非常感谢史密斯先生. Rose for his dedication and commitment to helping the Rose campus be here today. 

晚上,高级 在每个运动季节,资深运动员都会得到认可.

精神穿, LCA的服装设计,展示你的学校精神. 每周五,精灵服可以穿去学校. 详见具体校园着装规范.

的精神, 发生在周五晚上返校节比赛前的一周. Each campus plans different dress themed days and other fun activities. 

Tailgating - 这是每周五晚上校队主场橄榄球赛的传统, where LCA families come together to enjoy food and fellowship while tailgating in the athletics parking area. 

〇用树干还是用糖果 每年10月在装满装饰过的汽车后备箱的国内足球比赛之前举行的一项年度活动, 服装和很多糖果. 

Wingspan - 这是学校每周四发给LCA家庭的电子通讯, 除了假期. 

翅膀商店- - - - - - WINGS is the official LCA store for purchasing everyday LCA wear and Friday Spirit wear.  WINGS推出印有LCA标志的服装和配件,如polo衫, hoodies, sweatshirt, backpacks, duffel bags, hairbows, PE uniforms, 储物柜装饰, 和储物柜的磁铁. 该商店位于玫瑰校园(450雷诺兹路.位于肯塔基州莱克星顿市(Lexington, KY, 40503)的健身房门口. Click here 更多信息.

五年级庆祝日- A special ceremony held in May to celebrate our 5th grade students as they leave the IBC Campus and prepare to enter the 六年级学院. 

八年级祝福日- A special ceremony held in May to celebrate our 8th grade students as they leave junior high and prepare to enter high school. 


New family orientations will be held for you to become familiar with our campuses and to answer any questions you might have. 一定要为这些活动保留日期. 其他信息也将通过电子邮件发送给你,并张贴在LCA新家庭Facebook群. 

Preschool - 5th Grade Parent Information Night for NEW Families (IBC Campus)




8月9日,星期一上午10:30 - 12:00
tk -5年级开学开放日(IBC校区)

6 -8年级家长介绍会(玫瑰校区)

This parent-only 活动将于下午六点半开始. 家庭将与他们孩子的学前教师见面,以了解更多的学校日信息.



LCA tk -5年级学生/家长手册

LCA 6 -12年级学生/家长手册


欢迎来到2021-22学年!  当ESBALL准备开学的时候, each year we ask our families to review and update their demographic information as well as data pertaining to t-shirt sizes, 社交媒体的权利, 还有可选的学费项目.  此外,ESBALL要求家庭阅读并证明同意学校的学生手册.

This year is no different; however, we have organized the forms into a single process - The Annual Verification Process.  The Annual Verification Process permits families to easily review and make updates to the data stored in our school information system.  该过程包括以下形式:

  • 学生人口形式
  • 学生医疗形式
  • 保管的父窗体
  • 紧急联系人表单
  • 运输形式
  • 祖父母形式
  • 学生当前的t恤尺寸
  • 社交媒体授权
  • 学费退还保险信息
  • “教育围捕”


家庭可登入该网站查看年度核实表及其证明文件 FACTS Family.  提醒一下,ESBALL的区号是LX-KY.  一旦您登录系统,选择学校,WEB表单,然后2021-22年度验证.  


ESBALL的幼稚园和小学将于8月6日星期五公布班主任作业.  ESBALL的六年级学校, Junior High, 高中将于周一公布课程表, August 2.  

Families must complete and submit their annual verification forms in order to be eligible to receive their students' homeroom assignments and class schedules.

如果在登录后,FACTS Family页面显示加载不正确, 尝试一次艰苦的刷新来纠正它. 如果使用PC使用 control +F5 or Command + shift + r on a Mac. 如果您对年度验证表有其他问题或遇到其他问题, 请发送电子邮件至招生办公室 admissions@hansek.net

再次,欢迎回来! ESBALL期待很快见到你!

Pre-packaged school supplies for students in PS-8th grade can be purchased here 从学校工具箱,并将直接运往您的家. If you'd like to purchase your own supplies, please see the supply lists below.




1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

高中-老师会在开学前给家长和学生发邮件告知上课信息, 包括所有需要的用品. 

Please click on the links below to see the 2021-2022 list of required textbooks and novels for each department. Some lists are still in development, so please check back periodically for any updates. 如果您有任何问题,请联系Stacey Holmes sholmes@hansek.net. (书提供给学前班到八年级的学生.)

学生在7日, 8th, and 9th grades are required to wear PE uniforms (blue LCA Athletics t-shirt and either gray or black athletic shorts). 三种订购方式:

  1. 亲自到WINGS商店购买.
  2. Complete 这个订单 然后发邮件给 wings@hansek.net.
  3. 打电话到WINGS商店订购.

P.E. 目前在WINGS商店有短裤. 衬衫七月中旬有货.

班主任作业将于八月初完成. 家庭将在确认收到他们的年度核实表格后收到这一信息. 课堂作业通过电子邮件进行沟通.

6-12年级的课程表和储物柜分配也将在8月初确定. 家庭将在确认收到他们的年度核实表格后收到这一信息. 最后确定的课程时间表通过电子邮件沟通.

Photo IDs
Students in grades 6-12 are issued a photo ID (Eagle Card) at the beginning of school. This card is used for purchases at the WINGS Store and also at Grab 'n Go at lunch. Please be patient as it can take a week or two to get the cards to students. Purchases at the WINGS Store and Grab 'n Go can still be made in the meantime as long as there is money in the student's Eagle Account. 

请看幼儿园地图 here. 请注意,有哥哥姐姐的学前班学生将遵循学前班carline指导方针.

提供基本信息和地图 here.

请看地图 here. Parents should enter the LCA Rose Campus from West 雷诺道路 and proceed to the 六年级学院 Entrance. 

Junior High 
请看地图 here. 家长请从基思郡路进入LCA玫瑰校区,前往初中落客区.

High School
请看地图 here. 家长请从基思郡路进入LCA玫瑰校区,前往高中落客区. 学生司机也应从基思郡路进入,并将车停在指定的停车场. Student drivers are required to obtain an LCA parking tag from the 高中办公室. 标签可以在开学前或开学第一天领取.


LCA Website
Our website, www.hansek.net 信息丰富,从体育赛事到学校新闻. Campus level information can be found by going to the Parent Resources webpage.

Wingspan ——每周时事通讯
LCA的每周简报, Wingspan, 是每周四下午发送的吗. 这会给你一些重要的信息,比如即将到来的事件和重要的截止日期. 如果您没有收到通讯,请发送电子邮件 lcollins@hansek.net,所以你可以被添加到列表中.

Students in preschool - 5th grade will bring home a folder each Thursday filled with important information from the week.  Be sure to check this folder each Thursday night and return it on Friday. 

学校的官方邮件会在需要时由学校行政部门发送, 例如学校的校长或校长, 及时沟通重要信息. 



FACTS SIS is our school management software that facilitates communication. 有了FACTS Family,你可以:

  • Keep current with your student's grades, homework, behavior, and attendance
  • Find contact information for other students, families, faculty, and staff
  • Keep your personal information updated (so we can keep in touch with you!)


访问FACTS Family的说明
要访问FACTS Family, the admissions department must have your current email address on file. 家长可以联系朱莉·吉里姆斯 jguilliams@hansek.net 确认您的邮件. 

Step 1 - Go to www.lexingtonchristian.Org(点击右上方堆叠的三条线)

Step 2 - 点击“FACTS Family”

Step 3 - 输入LCA的区号,即“LX-KY”。

Step 4 - Your username is the email used when you completed your admission information. 您的密码是在您第一次登录时创建的. 如果你需要帮助,请联系朱莉·吉列姆斯 jguilliams@hansek.net. (注:如需新建账号,请在登录页面点击“新建家庭门户账号”.)

Step 5 - Use left-hand navigation for School, Student, Family Information, and FACTS.

LCA利用社交媒体网站帮助家庭了解即将发生的事件和其他ESBALL. ESBALL鼓励您关注ESBALL:

Facebook - @LexingtonChristianAcademy

Instagram - @lca_ky_eagles

Twitter - @LCAKYEagles

如果你对你的学生或教室里发生的事情有疑问或担心, 你可以给老师发邮件. You can find all email addresses listed in the LCA Staff and Teacher Directory here


Students should wear the regular standardized dress code on the first day of school. 的详细信息, please refer to the dress code information located in "2021-22年的基础知识" section at the top of this page. 


tk -5: Beth Joseph | bjoseph@hansek.net

6 -12:米斯蒂·巴德| mbard@hansek.net


午餐是通过 FACTS Family 门户网站或LCA应用. 它们可以每天订购,也可以一次订购一整个星期. Click here for step-by-step instructions to order lunch via the FACTS Family portal or the app and to also add funds to an Eagle Account. 看一个视频 here ESBALL如何订午餐.

所有午餐订单必须在8点半之前输入.m. 8:30以后的任何订单.m. 会得到一份棕色的“紧急”午餐吗.

如果你订了午餐,而你的学生那天不在,你必须在8:30之前打电话到办公室.m. 取消订单. 订单不能在8:30以后取消.m.,您将被收取当天订单的费用.

Lunch orders will be invoiced a week at a time on Friday for that week's orders. 一旦你收到发票, 费用将在10天内从附在您“事实事由”帐户上的帐户中扣除. You can log into FACTS Family and pay the invoice with an alternative method of payment.

Preschool - 5th grade students who are not physically seated in class by 8:30 a.m. 被认为是迟缓的. Students in 6th-12th grades who are not physically seated in class by 8:20 a.m. 被认为是迟缓的. Students arriving at school after those times should report to the main office of their campus and obtain a tardy slip.

Homeroom teacher assignments and course schedules will be emailed in early August. Families must read and complete the annual verification form by July 31 in order to receive their children’s homeroom assignments and/or course schedules. 


高中生必须自己买书. Please refer to the "准备开学第一天" section on the 新家庭指南网页 书的列表. Some lists are still in development, so please check back periodically for any updates. 

在放学前去接你的学生, 请到你们学校的总部签到. One of the administrative assistants will contact the classroom and have your student come to the office to meet you. 

Yes! Extended care is designed to provide preschool - fifth grade students with a safe and enriching atmosphere when they are not attending class.  护理前是7:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. After care是下午3:25分.m. - 6:00 p.m. Activities include enrichment, homework help, outside play, and an afternoon snack. 可获得2021-22年的信息 here. For more information, contact Megan Filburn, Director of Elementary Student Services at mfilburn@hansek.net.

因病缺勤超过一天者, 家长可以通过Canvas或通过电子邮件联系他们的老师来获得家庭作业.

为了陪同任何在LCA的实地考察,陪同人员必须完成有效性筛选过程. 如果你打算陪他们过夜, 下面列出的第二步是完成所需的生物特征/指纹背景检查. 有效性筛选及生物特征/指纹背景检查的资料如下:


  • 这需要少量的费用.
  • 成绩会在5-7个工作日内返回给家长和学校,有效期为3年.
  • Please call Validity's customer service if you encounter any difficulties  at .

隔夜陪伴, 一夜之间旅行, 所有校园-除了有效性筛选, 完成所需的生物特征/指纹背景检查

  • 联系珍妮·纽曼: jnewman@hansek.net 和伊登托哥约个时间做背景调查采集你的指纹
  • Parents need to request information to make an appointment with Identogo in order for LCA to receive the background check results
  • 结果在1-2周内返回
  • 3年效果良好


秋季运动已经初具规模. For more information about summer workouts and tryout dates, visit the 为2021年秋季体育网页的夏季信息.


体育总监: 特里·约翰逊| tjohnson@hansek.net

Asst. 体育总监: Ted Hall | thall@hansek.net

Asst. 广告/财务助理. : Kirby威洛比| kwilloughby@hansek.net

体育行政助理.: 沙龙遗嘱| swills@hansek.net

运动牧师: 基斯洛韦| kgalloway@hansek.net

体育发展: 克里斯汀Shonkwiler | kshonkwiler@hansek.net

运动的理由: 马特“| mginter@hansek.net

体育教练: 安德鲁·卡尔森| andrew.carlson@bluegrassortho.com

体育教练: 卡梅伦Deckett | cdeckett@hansek.net


Archery: Carisa Chaney | cchaney@hansek.net

Baseball: 永利哈里斯| wharris@hansek.net

男孩篮球: Ted Hall | thall@hansek.net

Boys Golf: Eric Geldhof | geldhofgolfacademy@gmail.com 

Boys Golf: Chris Ray | cray@hansek.net

Boys Soccer: 史蒂夫Fugmann | sfugmann@hansek.net

啦啦队(高中项目): 布列塔尼贝利| brbailey001@gmail.com

加油(6日至8日年级): 伯大尼Penalva | vbpenalva@gmail.com

加油(基本计划): 接触体育办公室

交叉: 汤姆Stickel | tom.stickel@fayette.kyschools.us

Dance: 雪莉帕特森| spatterson@hansek.net

足球(高中项目): 道格·查尔斯| dcharles@hansek.net

足球(小学 & 6日至8日计划): 托德Darland | todd.darland@gmail.com

女生篮球: 蒂姆·布拉德肖| tim.bradshaw03@gmail.com

Girls Golf: 福特Lankford | ford@russcap.com

女孩足球: 迈克尔·富尔顿| mfulton@hansek.net

Lacrosse: 接触体育办公室

Softball: 斯蒂芬布朗| icoachsports@aol.com

Swimming: 瑞安络筒机| rwinders@hansek.net

Tennis: Kyle Macy | kmacy4@yahoo.com

Track: 汤姆Stickel | tom.stickel@fayette.kyschools.us

Volleyball: Kirby威洛比| kwilloughby@hansek.net


Ways to Give

When esball世博 celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019, we were reminded of our rich and rewarding heritage and know it is this history that has prepared us for a promising, 成功的未来. 这是因为捐赠, 通过慷慨, 管理和志愿服务帮助ESBALL维持和加强ESBALL的计划和设施. In order to continue our commitment to excellence and advancement of God's Kingdom, we rely on the consistent and generous support of those who share the goals as LCA and want to see it prosper.  We offer a number of ways to support LCA and hope that families will make the school a priority in their giving.

年度基金是一项捐赠运动, which covers the “Gap” and provides financial support for additional school initiatives. The “Gap” is the difference between tuition dollars received by the school and the actual costs of operating the institution. Your gift to LCA is an investment in the school's students, faculty and programming. Every gift, regardless of size, is important, and every person who gives is essential.

LCA的教师和工作人员是ESBALL学校的核心. 除了课堂活动, 他们是委员会成员, 监督课外活动, 努力制定学校改善计划,并在活动中担任志愿者. 给庆祝教师会的捐款 & Staff program allows us to provide them with a monetary Christmas bonus. 今年的教师庆祝活动 & Staff Campaign will be held from October 21, 2021 through December 5, 2021.

晚会是庆祝学校年度基金活动结束的高潮活动. 把2022年4月29日留到明年的赛事!

家长教师联谊会(PTF)致力于支持esball世博的使命. The goals of the PTF include encouraging every parent to get involved, 支持教师和员工, 建立社区和学校精神.


  • 为家庭提供服务和志愿服务的机会.
  • 为LCA的教师和员工举办感恩活动.
  • 鼓励和支持LCA员工和家属.
  • Hosts campus or school-wide events and activities to provide fellowship, celebration, 给ESBALL的家庭带来乐趣.

有关PTF的更多信息,请单击 here.

你知道每次你购物或者出去吃饭的时候,你都可以资助莱克星顿基督教学院吗? We invite you to participate in our other rewards programs through the following:


克罗格致力于帮助ESBALL的社区发展和繁荣. 年复一年, 当地的学校, 教堂和其他非盈利组织将通过克罗格社区奖励获得数百万美元. Our program was designed to make your fund-raising the easiest in twon...你所要做的就是在克罗格购物,刷你的加强卡! 

现在就报名参加克罗格社区奖励计划. 所有参与者必须每年重新注册,以继续为他们选择的组织获得奖励. 八月是重新注册或报名参加这个项目的好时机.


  • Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com
  • 去“克罗格社区奖励:已经有一个帐户…点击这里”
  • 找到您的组织-输入
  • 选择你的组织-选择esball世博
  • 保存您的选择-点击保存

To verify you are enrolled correctly, under Account Settings, click Account Summary & 确认esball世博被指定为社区奖励的接受者.



  • Go to www.kroger.com 点击右上角的“创建帐户”
  • 输入您的电子邮件地址,创建密码,确认
  • Add your Kroger Plus Card account number (found on the back of the card)
  • Select Your Preferred Store: Enter your preferred store zip code and select “Find store.选择商店位置,点击“保存” & Continue”
  • 点击创建账户
  • Continue with Community Rewards instructions above AFTER you receive a confirmation message to your email account

That’s it! 当你购物, simply swipe your Kroger Plus card for great savings and an easy added benefit to LCA! Your designated charity will be listed at the bottom of every shopping receipt.


蓝草音乐酒店集团 has expanded their generosity to a year round fundraiser known as GiveBHG Year Round.  程序很简单!  Simply go to GiveBHG.com 购买任何金额的礼品卡.  LCA获得20%的奖励!  为了让LCA获得奖励,礼品卡必须在网上购买,而不是在餐厅.  记住,BHG礼品卡是很棒的礼物!

Box Tops

通用磨坊公司创建了“盒子顶”项目,以帮助支持教育并使美国的学校受益. 下面是“盒子顶”项目的工作原理:

当你去购物的时候,寻找Box Top log. 在安妮的产品上可以找到, 通用磨坊, Hefty, PaperMate, Pillsbury, 密封塑胶袋和更多.

有关完整信息和加入,请访问 http://www.boxtops4education.com/.


亚马逊微笑是一个简单和自动的方式来支持esball世博每次你购物, 对你来说没有任何代价. 当你在 smile.amazon.com, you will find the exact same low prices and shopping experience as amazon.此外,亚马逊还将捐赠额外的奖金 .合格产品采购价格的5%给LCA.


只需登录到 smile.amazon.com


Amazon will remember LCA as your charitable organization on future logins and will continue to donate to our school each time you make a purchase through smile.amazon.com