LCA体育希望尽ESBALL所能告知和帮助ESBALL的学生运动员和他们的家庭. This page should be able to help you locate items specific for parents. 如果你找不到你想要的信息,请访问ESBALL的 体育页面 and contact one of the athletics staff members listed on the right-hand side.




你们一生中多么快乐的时光啊. 看着孩子长大, mature and compete in sports provides a lifetime of memories for all involved. 不管这些回忆是否愉快, 然而, 将取决于ESBALL如何处理现在出现的情况.

Christ calls us to show the world something different in everything we do for His purpose. 输赢固然重要,但不是最重要的. What is paramount is serving God and giving Him the Glory regardless of the outcome. 哥林多前书9:24-25说, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? 你们只管跑去,就可以得着. 每个运动员在各个方面都要有自制力. 他们这样做是为了领受会坏的花环,ESBALL却是为了领受不灭的花环.”

简单地说,ESBALL要么相信,要么不相信. 在LCA,ESBALL对学生运动员和教练有更多的要求. 自我克制, 纪律, ESBALL学校将在比赛场上和场外展示体育精神和基督般的行为. ESBALL的父母也是如此. 在裁判大喊大叫, chastising coaches and building animosity among other parents in the stands, is not consistent with Christ’s teachings and t在这里fore will not be tolerated at LCA.

As a parent of a student-athlete you assume responsibility for your 行动. You are representing the school, your family, the team and most importantly God. ESBALL的责任是通过ESBALL的言语和行动荣耀他,这样别人就可以通过ESBALL看见他.

We are all fallen human beings, saved through the grace of Jesus Christ. ESBALL会犯错误,但ESBALL应该努力忏悔那些错误,并改变ESBALL的行为. 这是LCA体育家庭所需要的.

家长/粉丝在LCA体育活动中不能始终如一地表现得体,可能会危及他们未来参加LCA活动的机会. 游戏官员或学校管理者有权将任何有违反体育道德行为的人从体育竞赛的范围中移除.






We believe that it is in keeping with God’s word to compete with the desire to excel. 这包括赢得比赛的渴望. “无论你做什么, 用你所有的力量去做, as if done for the Lord…it is Jesus Christ you are serving in everything.(歌罗西书3:23-24)与这种欲望竞争, 然而, 这只是一个更大目标的一部分吗, 在罗马书8:29定义, “For from the beginning God decided that those who come to Him should become like His son.” Our greater purpose is moving our student-athletes toward Christ-likeness, and thus shining the light of Jesus to all who witness this process.

This is the true test of our faith walk in athletics – balancing this.

无论场上还是场下, LCA本校, coaches and administrators are expected to exhibit behavior consistent with this process. 虽然个人有时会达不到这个目标,但ESBALL都应该相互承担责任. ESBALL对父母的期望一点也不低.

竞争是与神的话相一致的. How we handle competition, 然而, is w在这里 we can struggle to walk Christ’s path.


在LCA,团队运动有时需要选拔赛. 两项体育政策原则平衡了花名册的大小:(1)不鼓励削减花名册;(2)学生运动员要获得有意义的比赛时间. 在考虑运动员名单的大小时,需要考虑兴趣水平和为每个学生运动员创造有意义体验的能力之间的平衡.

在LCA的一些运动中,特别是在年轻的水平,这两个原则可能是矛盾的. 最终, 教练组人员在与运动总监协商后,可自行决定花名册的大小. 花名册的大小可在职等之间变动.


上场时间是教练组的唯一决定,是通过练习的努力获得的. It is determined by a complex mix of an athlete’s personal strengths and limitations, 的态度, 职业道德, 团队的需要, 对位, 还有长期和短期目标. 鼓励年轻级别的教练员,以增加名册上所有学生运动员的参与. 父母不应该期望教练和他们讨论比赛时间.


  • 在提出批评之前,考虑一下“大局”. 记住,你不是在练习, and often game-to-game decisions are based on what happens in daily practice.
  • 避免播下分裂的种子. Resist the urge to talk to other parents or fans about your dissatisfaction. Everyone loves to have company in their misery, but no good ever comes from it.
  • Encourage your athlete to talk to the coach when playing time questions exist. 不要剥夺孩子成长和发展自己沟通技巧的大好机会. 这将是一项他们将在生活的各个领域使用的技能.
  • 支持 the coach even though you may not agree with every one of his/her decisions.
  • 以团队目标来看待比赛.
  • 试着减轻压力,而不是增加压力.
  • 让你的运动员接受训练,成为团队的一员.
  • Be an encourager- encourage athletes to keep their perspective in both victory and defeat.
  • 不要试图通过你的孩子生活.
  • Be positive and supportive without adding undue pressure and unrealistic expectations.
  • 相信并支持教练的判断, 字符, 行动, 策略, 整体的哲学也会帮助你的孩子做同样的事情. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, 批评和不断质疑教练的行为和整体计划同样会导致学生运动员这样做. 在家中交流的态度和思想往往会在运动员的内心和思想中得到贯彻.


  • 用正直的态度来展示成功和失败.
  • 不要嘲笑或大声批评裁判和裁判.
  • 留意ESBALL对孩子们的见证. Our behavior gives our children an implied permission to behave the same way. (以弗所书4:29-32)
  • 留心ESBALL对非信徒的见证. Our 单词 should witness to the world that we are His, as a star lights the darkness. (歌罗西书4:5-6)(腓立比书2:14-16)
  • ESBALL该怎样对待彼此呢?“叫人犯罪的事是免不了的。, 但那借着他们来的人有祸了.”(路加福音17:1-2)
  • ESBALL对待他人的态度和方式是具有传染性的. 让ESBALL认真对待耶稣的话, and let us take seriously our duty to “watch ourselves”; our 的态度s, 单词, and 行动 at sporting events either demonstrate the spirit of Christ or they do not.

Conducting ourselves in this manner should be done for one reason above all; we are not our own. ESBALL的旧身已与基督同钉十字架(加拉太书2:20), 现在ESBALL的心在更高的事上(歌罗西书3:2). “不要模仿这个世界的行为和习俗, but be new and different people with a fresh newness to your thinking. Then, you will learn from your own experience how His ways will really satisfy.”(罗马书12:2)

1. 遵循命令链

Many of us want to go straight to the top with a complaint; 然而, every successful organization follows an established chain of command. This chain of command is a professional and effective way to have input into the program.

A. 一级-学生运动员与教练会面
运动员的首要职责是与教练沟通. 这是成长的一部分,教练会欣赏运动员就团队或个人情况进行交流. A coach will not “hold it against” a student-athlete for wanting to talk.

B. 二级-家长与教练会面
除了打球时间, 教练应尽合理的努力与学生运动员的家长讨论他们关心的问题.

C. 三级-与教练和运动教练会面


例外情况:如果学生运动员和/或家庭认为教练的行为越过了道德底线, 道德行为甚至犯罪, 家属应立即联系体育主管.

2. 24小时规则

在莱克星顿基督教学院,ESBALL要求所有的家长在比赛结束后至少等待24小时,然后再试图与任何教练谈论有关学生运动员的问题. 这包括短信和电子邮件.

Discussing problems with a coach before or after a contest is not appropriate. 在训练或比赛之前或之后,教练都不能被质问.

3. 对官员的辱骂

在LCA,ESBALL带着“基督徒”的标签,兴奋和喜悦,因为ESBALL的救主对ESBALL的爱. ESBALL被呼召,要为他的目的与人分享这种喜乐. 大喊大叫的官员, 比赛期间站在看台上的球员和教练不符合这一理念,也不会被容忍.

4. 禁止区域

  • Spectators should NEVER approach an official before, during, or after a sporting event.
  • 比赛期间(包括中场休息时间)不得靠近板凳区。. During a game, the team bench is for coaches, players, and officials only.

父母和教练都是非常困难的职业. 通过建立对每个位置的理解, ESBALL能够更好地接受他人的行为,并为学生提供更大的利益. 作为父母, 当你的儿子或女儿加入ESBALL的项目时, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on your student-athlete. This begins with clear communication from the coach of your student-athlete's program. 为了确保清晰的理解,下面是适当和不适当的交流的大纲.


1. 教练对你的女儿/儿子和球队的期望.

2. 所有练习和比赛的地点和时间.

3. 团队的需求,我.e. fees, special equipment, off-season conditioning, team/individual camps.

4. 团队规则,指导方针和获得奖励的要求.


1. 任何日程冲突提前通知.

2. Special concerns in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.

3. Injury or circumstances that may endanger the athlete when participating.


1. 对你的学生运动员,精神上和身体上的治疗.

2. 帮助学生运动员进步的方法.

3. 关注学生运动员的行为.

It is very difficult to accept your son/daughter's not playing as much as you may hope. 教练是专业人士. 他们做出的判断是基于他们认为对所有学生都是最好的. 正如你从上面的列表中看到的, certain things can and should be discussed with your student-athlete's coach. Other things, such as the following, must be left to the discretion of the coach.


1. 上场时间

2. 团队策略

3. 打打电话

4. 其他本校


It is the Athletic Director’s role to monitor and manage the 20+ programs at LCA. 像这样, 他们要经常与教练组沟通, 体育工作人员和学生运动员,以确保他们在每一个项目中保持领先. Below is an outline of appropriate and inappropriate discussions with the A.D. 在教练的知识范围之外.


  • 性骚扰指控
  • 种族或性别歧视的指控
  • Athletic charges of abuse, either verbal or physical, by coaches and/or student-athletes
  • 政策问题



  • 游戏时间(这个不会被讨论)
  • 发挥呼叫,团队策略
  • 其他本校, unless situations such as the ones listed above


LCA运动项目参赛费用 & 横幅程序

2020 - 21


We will process it as one payment UNLESS you notify Kirby Willoughby at kwilloughby@hansek.net 你希望把它分成3+次支付.

秋季运动ESBALL将在8月5日收费. 您将收到一封来自FACTS的电子邮件,说明一项费用已添加到您的账户,并将在您收到该电子邮件之日起10个工作日内扣除. 

费用是按季节收取的, 所以,如果你的学生运动员在同一个赛季参加了不止一项运动,他们在那个赛季只支付一笔费用.

你要为你的孩子在哪个年级付出代价. 例如, if they are in junior high and playing on a high school team you pay the junior high price.

横幅销售可以帮助抵消部分(如果不是全部的话)成本. 可以找到合同和横幅信息 在这里.

These fees are non-refundable unless approved by the athletic director.

高中 (9th-12th)     初中 (7th-8th)     小学 (1st-6th)

第一季——575美元                                                    第一季——375美元                                              第一季——200美元

第二季——475美元                                               第二季——200美元                                        第二季——200美元

第三季——375美元                                                   第三季——200美元                                            第三季——200美元



在LCA进行esball世博需要完整的身体检查,并应提交给教练备案. 下载表格 在这里.