欢迎来到莱克星顿基督教学院! We are glad you are interested in learning more about our amazing school and trust you will easily find the information you seek. We know t在这里 are many educational choices available to 父母 today with a wide variety of emphases, from academics to co-curricular activities like athletics and the arts. 虽然ESBALL在这些方面确实很出色, they are secondary to our primary mission to equip and nurture students to fulfill God's calling on their lives through Christ-centered education. 这就是ESBALL的标准, ESBALL积极寻找学生, 父母, and employees longing to be a part of this faith-based family.

培养学生适应能力, responsible young adults is more challenging today than ever and requires an integrated collaboration between the home, 教会, 和学校. 正如所罗门王所写, 三股弦的弦是不容易折断的,” and that strength in unity lets our students weather the storms of an increasingly hostile culture. We pray that those seeking Christ-centered instruction to meet their family educational needs will reach out to explore those possibilities with us.

For this school year, our scripture passage of the year is I Peter 3:15, 但你们要心里敬畏基督为主.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  但要带着温柔和尊重.  ESBALL请求你们继续祈祷和支持, and we invite you to join us as we articulate to a lost world the hope and salvation found only in Jesus Christ!

Dr. 斯科特•威尔斯


The 董事会 is the policy-making leadership of the school, 肩负着促进学校使命的使命.  为实现这一目标, 董事会制定并执行书面政策, 确保财务实力, 支持和评估校长. 电子邮件董事会 在这里.



Dave Messner,财务主席



Jeff Gehring,董事会成员


Sid Lisanby,董事

Jason Miller,董事会成员

Terri Morrical,人事主席


Henry Thomas,董事会成员

The 董事会 is the governing body overseeing LCA. It is comprised of up to 15 members who meet on a monthly (or more frequent) basis to oversee the administration and business of the school. Board members also chair various committees necessary to the operation, 学校的功能和使命. Board members serve a three-year term and are eligible to serve two consecutive terms.

为了让董事会尽可能多样化, we want 父母 of LCA students to nominate candidates for the Board. 候选人必须有强烈的基督教信仰, 对学校的热情, and a willingness to give their time and talents to further the excellence of LCA. At least 75% of the Board must be comprised of current LCA 父母.

If you have someone to nominate for consideration for the Board, please complete 这种形式 并以电子方式提交, 或者单独提交给泰勒·约翰逊, 提名委员会主席. 在考虑合适的候选人时, 请考虑独特的体验, background or skill sets that may be beneficial to the responsibilities and function of the Board. Please submit nomination forms no later than April 1, 2022.

Nominated candidates will be contacted by the 提名委员会 and provided a Board application questionnaire to complete.  All applicants will be considered by the 提名委员会 and selected candidates will be interviewed and nominated for approval, 适当的, 由董事会.


All Board Committee Meetings are open to the public except for the 人员 and Nominating meetings. 点击 on a committee below for information about responsibilities of each group and to access the committee's interest form.


The athletic committee strives to promote a variety of sports programs across grade levels in compliance with regulatory guidelines and in harmony with LCA's primary mission to glorify Christ in educational ministry. The committee is also responsible for developing policies with respect to participation of athletes.

点击 在这里 to express interest in serving on the esball世博 Committee.


The facilities committee works with the administrative leadership to plan for the physical space requirements of our educators and students, 无论是在学术上还是在课外活动上. The committee helps determine the most efficient stewardship of both the Rose and Immanuel campuses.

点击 在这里 to express interest in serving on the 设施 Committee.

主席:Dave Messner

The finance committee provides expert guidance with respect to treasury, 风险管理, 内部控制, 预算 & 财务报告和年度审计. The committee also gives direction with respect to tuition assistance, 法律及其他合规事项.

点击 在这里 to express interest in serving on the 金融 Committee.


The long range planning committee helps facilitate efforts across all functional areas to prepare the school's strategic plan, works closely with the administration to craft the related long-term financial model, 和显示器 & 评估达成战略目标的进展.

点击 在这里 to express interest in serving on the 长期规划 Committee.

主席- Terri Morrical

The personnel committee develops policies respecting all human resource matters including compensation, 好处, 专业发展, 合同, 纪律, 和评估. The committee consists of Board members to ensure employee issues are dealt with sensitively and privately. 


The nominating committee consists of directors committed to working with the various committees to identify and develop prospective Board members, 评估潜在的候选人, and providing appropriate governance training and orientation.

Please use your FACTS SIS credentials to view the documents listed above.


esball世博 has met the criteria for educational quality established by the Cognia Global Commission and is 在这里by presented this Certificate of 认证 by the North Central Association Commission on 认证 and School Improvement, 西北认证委员会, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on 认证 and School Improvement.